Things to keep in mind when pressure washing

Tips to using your pressure washing:

Always stay aware of your surroundings and avoid electrical hazards such as power lines and outlets.

Safety first in mind. Read all provided material about operating the washer safely. Avoid using a ladder, because the kickback from a pressure washer may take you off balance.

For oily stains in garages or on driveways there are a couple things to do before pressure washing. Soak up excess oil with kitty litter first. Next, treat the oily areas with a degreaser. After allowing a few minutes for the degreaser to do its work, it should be okay to pressure wash.

Keep in mind don’t spray directly onto windows or other glass services, as there is a risk of breakage under pressure.

Be careful not to damage wood when cleaning it. Siding and decking are a good example of this. Keep the stream at a 45° angle and keep moving. Holding the stream in one place can cause scarring to the surface.

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